Funding Priorities:

  1. Education

    • Focus on early childhood through post-secondary education.

    • Focus on improving education among students in under-served, under-resourced school districts.

  2. Conservation

  3. St. Louis Civic Institutions

Geographic Area:

St. Louis Region


2022 grants will be for funding needed in 2023

Grant Cycle:

Bellwether has one open grant cycle per year. The Foundation will consider one application per organization per grant cycle.

Types of Grants:

Program, Operating, Capital, and Endowment

Bellwether favors established programs that have quantifiable, measurable results or expansions of programs with a demonstrated impact. We encourage inquiries regarding appropriate grant requests (314) 862-1150.

  • Operating grants are reserved for unique cases where the Foundation has a long history with an organization.

  • The Foundation suggests that any organization seeking Capital or Endowment support, send an email to Lynn Freedman at to discuss its proposal in advance.

  • Bellwether will consider Multi-Year grants (grant payments over two or three years) for prior grant recipients.

  • Bellwether does not fund: field trips, travel, conferences, requests from individuals, housing, or medical research.

Grant Award:

Typical Program or Operating grant awards fall in a range between $5,000 to $20,000.

Typical Grant Calendar:

  • Mid-March/April: Preliminary Application open grant cycle

  • April–June: Decisions issued by email, on a rolling basis. Select applicants will receive an invitation to complete a Detailed Application.

  • End of July: Detailed Application Deadline

  • August–October: Review of Detailed Applications. Possible Request for Additional Information or Site Visit.

  • End of December: Grant Decisions

  • December and following calendar year: Grants Awarded

Outcome Reports:

In the fall following a grant award, Bellwether will send a brief Outcome Report to complete. For example, for 2022 grant awards, an Outcome Report will be requested in fall 2023. The Outcome Report requests information on how an organization met the Measures of Success listed in its applications.

Our Mission

The mission of The Bellwether Foundation is to improve the quality of life for all people in St. Louis by supporting innovative programs that make a positive impact for present and future generations.  Our founders wanted to promote their ideals and aspirations for a better St. Louis region through The Bellwether Foundation, an idea we embrace today.


The Bellwether Foundation
8000 Maryland Ave
Suite 1165
Saint Louis, MO 63105

meetings by appointment only

Telephone: (314) 862-1150

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